Our focus: quality assurance in a virtual project environment
Instructional Design:
Consulting, Design, Development


Electric Utility Software

An international software consulting and development company wanted a customizable, off-the-shelf, end-user training program for a robust, object-oriented software package marketed to electric, water and gas utility companies. As an early enabler of virtual projects, we provided the quality assurance process for instructional integrity, writing and format for fifty-two four-hour software courses developed by a dozen designers scattered around the country. We also managed the course development efforts of six of our own contractors.

Training Development Process for Internet Courseware

An internet start-up faced project training development consistency needs across departments including instructional design, graphics, user testing, and site development and delivery. We provided a methodology documenting the complex process for developing MBA courses in the dual environment of the start-up and the tradition-laden setting of university partners.

Oil and Gas Producer

Facing the eventual retirement of its engineering base and the continuous development of new software, we consulted with this producer’s engineers to create parts of its engineering curriculum in a virtual project environment. Projects included: upstream production software, reservoir analysis, radiation safety and SEC reservoir reporting. Virtual project team interface included, e-mail, telephone and WebEx.

International Banking

A global bank sought assistance with revamping its associate responsibilities and in implementing software for straight-through settlement. Along with other contractors we provided web-based courses in cash and trade to enable a world-wide banking audience develop a common level of knowledge and skills in areas of risk, settlement, delivery systems, receivables, SWIFT, and USD clearing. We developed a coding system consistent with LMS parameters linking test items to respective learning objectives.

New Tax Curriculum

This project led to a dramatic shift of tax division training from lecture to multifaceted delivery. Courses targeted job relevant skills of specific levels from new hire to partner. Key projects included highly interactive, blended learning solutions for the first three years (120 hours) of the tax associate’s on-campus training. Other projects included a career development program, advanced tax specialty schools, and the South American Tax practice’s Continuing Tax Services ILT.

Bank Operations

A UK bank needed to streamline its customer service interactions to meet service agreements. In conjunction with an in-house team we developed a strategy combining correspondence and call center departments into a unified customer service center and a training plan to support the migration. Annual savings approached $2.5 million.