Our focus: quality assurance in a virtual project environment
Instructional Design:
Consulting, Design, Development
Ambit Intersect evolved from decades of performance improvement engagements addressing instructional design and operations consulting.
Ambit Intersect is a virtual organization with roots in the mid-seventies when instructional design began its ascent within the business community as a valued partner in performance improvement efforts. In 1996 a group of instructional designers came together offering services in a virtual business under the umbrella of the A. D. Novak Company as advances in Microsoft Office and Internet communications made virtual teams functionally viable. These teams capitalized on flexible working relationships to benefit their clients.

Ambit Intersect identifies and brings into its network the best specialists available from a variety of disciplines e.g., human resource strategy, organizational learning, learning design, e-learning, learning management systems, etc. These network partners come together on behalf of our clients at those points in engagements when their particular skills are required.

We also work with specialized organizations that add value to our engagements. Known as network companies, they provide ancillary support such as specialized software, graphics, event management, testing and evaluation, e-learning, productivity and performance measurement, process improvement, process redesign, planning and forecasting, and staffing guidelines.

Client History

Alliance and Leicester
American Foundry Society
APC Skills
Arthur Andersen & Co.
Block Steel
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Broyhill Furniture
Caveo Learning
Citibank Investment Bank
Green Thumb Nurseries
Instructional Design Group
Interactive Services
Jack Morton Productions
JBL Electronics
Knowledge Transfer International

Kroehler Furniture
Mar-Kel Lighting
Merck Manufacturing
Montifiore Hospital
Morgan Stanley
Nationwide Health Plans
Norcross Greeting Cards
Pre-stressed Concrete Products
Prudential Investments
Robert Fleming Investments
Standard Grigsby Electronics
Scheduling Corporation of America
SVI World
Sylvan Learning Systems
Timing Gears Inc
WorldGroup Industry Solutions

Our focus is quality assurance in a virtual, project environment.