Our focus: quality assurance in the emerging virtual, gig economy
Instructional Design:
Consulting, Design, Development
Performance Improvement from Improved Performance

In a gig economy,  consistency can be a challenge with a virtual
team you may never meet.
Targeted Training
Targeted training is one of several methods to improve overall performance of an organization's employees. For the best return on investment with training interventions, those who design and develop the interventions must align and perform to project standards. 

Help in a Gig Economy
We can help you get more from internal and contract instructional designers with quality assurance reviews addressing:
Instructional integrity:
  • Learning objectives fit curriculum
  • Content matches learning objectives
  • Examples, activities, quizzes reinforce objectives
  • Simplifies complex and arcane SME language
  • Follows grammar rules
  • Flows well with active voice and eliminates non-essential words
  • Maintains terms of art
  • Follows template design
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